Raising the Bar – About Barfeeders

Bar feeders, once known as slow and inefficient ‘rattle tubes,’ are now high-speed, automated units. Ask any hand screw or screw machine operator the meaning of the term “rattle tube” and you’ll likely get an earful. Of course, you’ll probably have to shout, because he’ll be hard of hearing. Rattle tubes, or pneumatic or pulley-drive[…]


Down to the Wire – ‘Spiderman’ microwire used in medical devices

Spiders have been doing it for millions of years: Spinning out material that’s stronger than steel, and—metaphorically at least—lighter than air. Luckily for the spider, she doesn’t have to cut tight-tolerance features on her delicate tapestry, or twist it up into precision coils and helix shapes to catch her meals. The microwire industry is spinning[…]


Zeroing out Swiss – Swiss-style machining is often done with a near-zero radius.

When turning 2mm-dia. and smaller parts on a Swiss-style machine, it only makes sense that the radius on the tool should be equally tiny. After all, you can’t cut a 0.5mm bone screw with a TNMG-431 insert—the tool’s nose radius is nearly as big as the part. In addition, said Jim Gosselin, owner of Genevieve[…]


CFRP gets tough love from microtools

Carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) is a corrosion-resistant and lightweight material used in everything from paintball guns to Formula One racecars. The composite material has an “ultimate tensile strength” approximately four times that of steel and unrivaled strength-to-weight ratio, meaning it’s not only stronger than alternative materials, like aluminum, but you also need far less of it[…]


Finding Better Ways – How EVS Metals realizes impressive growth in uncertain times

Ask Bob Evans, General Manager of EVS Metal’s Texas facility, about the poor economy and you might be surprised by his answer. “We’ve had record sales the past three years,” says Evans. In fact, EVS has done so well they’ve recently increased capacity by adding new equipment and expanding their facilities – within the past[…]