thread whirling

Thread Whirling Boosts Productivity

Ever since British machine inventor Henry Maudslay introduced the first modern screw-cutting lathe towards the end of the 18th century, machinists have been cussing him. True, the world as we know it couldn’t exist without screw threads, but that doesn’t make cutting them any easier. Compared to other turning operations, single-point threading is slow, requiring[…]

Okuma_Multus multitask machine

Sort, Select, Startup: Multitask Machines are a Game Changer

The simplest definition of multitasking is “the performance of multiple tasks at one time.” In the world of machine tools, however, multitasking takes on a far more dynamic meaning. Simultaneous turning operations, machining multiple part surfaces and combining several manufacturing operations into a single setup are just a few of multitasking’s many flavors. If it[…]