important conversations_machineMan

Important Conversations

Listen. That’s the shop talking, and it has an important story to tell. Machine uptime. What jobs are running. Who’s here, and who’s not. This is just some of the information to be garnered from your production floor, if only you have the right ears. Big companies have been listening for decades—Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)[…]

Horrendous Holes_Walter_alloy

Horrendous Holes

Nickel and cobalt-based superalloys may not be Kryptonite, but drilling holes in Hastelloy X, Inconel 625, Waspaloy and Haynes 25 is about as tough as it gets in the world of metal removal. With machinability ratings in the low teens, these nightmare materials test the patience of even the most cool-headed machinist. Unfortunately, modern aircraft[…]

Diminutive Drills_Kyocera

Diminutive Drills

It’s a simple fact: if you’re a machinist, you make holes. Lots of them. Unfortunately, drilling is also one of the operations most likely to turn machinists prematurely grey. Poor chip evacuation, heat buildup and drill runout are just a few of the problems common to would-be holemakers. Drilling gets even more challenging when venturing[…]