Deep hole drilling that’s “just right” – Goldilocks and the quote for Three Bears


Gabriella Goldilocks had a problem. Her father’s machine shop, G&G Machine, had just received a big drawing package from Three Bears Petroleum Products Inc. in Edmonton, AB. It was a family of components for the new multiport flow selector they were working on. Gabriella did some quick calculations and knew the order would be worth several million dollars, enough work to keep the small shop busy for months.

She examined the first drawing, a small throttle body made of high-strength steel. Her crew would have no problem machining most of it, but those 1/8 in. (3.18 mm) holes through the long axis of the part would make or break the deal. Gun drilling was out—those guys over at Big Wolf Precision would eat up every bit of profit. She needed a better way to drill those holes.

A Google search returned entirely too many options—it seemed every tooling company on the planet had some sort of deep hole drilling solution, and they all said theirs was best. “Always grab the bull by the horns, girl,” came the voice of her father. Gabriella picked up the phone and did just that, calling Kennametal’s regional product manager for Holemaking, Steve Pilger.

Steve was very helpful and after Gabriella explained her problem he suggested she make use of Kennametal’s new manufacturing advisor software, called NOVO. “This is quite a huge project you need to find solutions for. For such complex tasks I would propose to try our NOVO system to get an initial understanding between which manufacturing possibilities you can choose.”

Gabriella was all for software solutions but she didn’t have time right then to download it. She interrupted him. “Not now, Steve. Just find me an 1/8 in. (3.18 mm) drill that can go nearly 4 in. (102 mm) deep in A36 steel.”

Steve steered her towards Kennametal’s line of B27_HPG solid carbide deep hole drills, which according to Steve, remove metal 3-4 times faster than gun drills or high speed steel, in depths up to 30 X diameter. Gabriella pushed. “Everyone makes deep hole drills, Steve. What’s so special about yours?”

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