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Machine-integrated inspection systems can improve quality, profitability

Stopping a machine to measure a workpiece is a waste of time. Not only is a high-priced piece of CNC equipment being taken out of production, but the measurements obtained when a machinist leans into a machine with a micrometer or bore gage can’t compare in accuracy to those generated by a coordinate measuring machine[…]

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See Me, Feel Me

My granddaughter loves her Touch and Feel books. They’re filled with fuzzy animals and gaily-coloured creatures. My grandson enjoys jigsaw puzzles, patiently maneuvering the pieces into place by sight and touch. Imagine him doing so while wearing mittens, or that darling girl reading those children’s books with the bits of cloth and plastic shapes removed.[…]

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Looking for trouble: Is your coordinate measuring machine up to snuff?

Often abused and generally unappreciated, coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are the underdog of the machining world. That’s because, unlike their metal-cutting cousins, CMMs don’t actually produce anything. No chips, no shiny machined parts, nothing but measurements and statistics. But remove the lowly CMM from any shop and you’ll be checking parts with height gauges and[…]


Programming Quality – Knowledge is just as important as the program when measuring with an automated CMM

Clamp the part to the surface plate. Enter a few parameters. Grab the joystick and go. When checking a hole location, or measuring the distance between two machined surfaces, that’s about all you need to know in terms of coordinate measuring machine (CMM) operation. Unfortunately, most inspection procedures are more complex, and good metrology requires[…]