Making a Splash with Boomers: Positioning smart spas for an aging population

When baby boomers were thirty-somethings, spas were considered status symbols. Today, as these children of the Cuban missile crisis and “I Like Ike” campaign buttons become AARP members, they grow less concerned with what their neighbors think and more concerned with their aching backs. The spa industry is slowly taking notice, modifying their sales and[…]

keeping it clean

Keeping It Clean: Industry experts offer advice on managing water chemistry

Cloudy water, unhappy customers and dangerous storage conditions are just some of the consequences of chemical mismanagement. Service companies and retailers alike strive for clear, sanitary water conditions, but are frequently challenged by a host of unforeseen problems. Here’s some useful insight on how to deal with those things from experts in the field. Bryan[…]


In Memoriam: Kevin Mulvey (1956-2013)

In 1996, Kevin Mulvey told his friend, George Pellington, a story about a little boy who had been entrapped by the drain in a residential spa. “If not for the father’s vigilance, the boy may have died,” Pellington said. “Kevin was determined to invent a device that would mitigate body suction entrapment on pool and[…]

rotomolded spas

Riding the carousel: Rotomolded spas offer high-end quality at an affordable price.

Rotational molding was invented in the mid-1800s as a means of producing hollow objects with consistent wall thicknesses. Since then, the process has been used to make everything from playground equipment to artillery shells. Today’s molds are filled with polyethylene powder the consistency of granulated sugar (the stuff plastic soda bottles are made of), then[…]